We are a "team"! Plus a freebie:)

Happy TUESDAY! That means tomorrow is Wednesday!! I posted a picture on my Instagram (thekinderlife) this afternoon about the AAMMMAAAZZIINNG experience we had with a simple Social Studies lesson today. We read the book "Teamwork Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to Share!" By Julie Cook. (This book was also part of the DonorsChoose project I talked about in my post last Sunday!)
My kiddos loved this book and it was easy to tie it into our Social Studies lesson. We talked about how we are a "team" in the classroom and how their families are a "team" at home. I used the following template. Grab it here.

This simple graphic organizer brought about SO much discussion and there wasn't one student who finished early or was uninterested in talking about this subject. Not going to lie...I was so elated when the little one pictured above wanted to write sentences in each box:). If you are talking about families in your classroom or just teamwork in general, I would HIGHLY recommend this book.

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