Monday WHO Linky and a FREEBIE

Hiii!! With school approaching (I guess this week of professional development means it's actually HERE- yikes!) it has been difficult to find the best time to blog! How do ya'll do it?! To jumpstart my BTS14 blogging "spree" (I hope!), what better way than Blog Hoppin's TEACHER WEEK and a freebie!!
Monday is WHO:
I am a SEATTLEITE...Yes. Rain-loving. SEATTLEITE. Because of this man below (and his job), I am currently living and teaching in Dallas, T.X.  

We got engaged last Thanksgiving in Central Park (Yes, movie scene material!) and are currently planning our New Years Eve wedding. Great Gatsby theme and all. Can't wait! But planning is very time consuming! 
I teach Kindergarten in Dallas and LOVE IT. After teaching 3rd grade and 1st grade, I decided to take a Kinder position and totally fell in LOVE. 
This is me today on my way out the door. Obviously. ALWAYS. Carrying way too much stuff!!

While we are loving our new experiences in Dallas, my 2nd half and I left a lot of our heart in Seattle. 
I have two nieces, an amazing family, and outrageous friends! Luckily, my schedule lets us visit often in the summer and over breaks:).

Ok enough about me...time for a FREEBIE before Bachelor in Paradise ends (Yes, I am a loyal fan of anything "Bachelor" related.) and I try to actually go to bed on time tonight.

Click here to scoop up my BRAIN BUBBLES! I contains all the supplies to create the poster shown, which I use for my students' exit tickets. I have them answer a question on a sticky note and they stick it to their number on the poster before moving to the next activity.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. LOVE it! Thank you for sharing! Might have to make my own numbers 'cause we have 30 kiddos in my district in SoCal :(

    1. I added bubbles up to 36! Enjoy!!

    2. Oh my, I hope to never have that many, lol! ;) Thank you SO much!!!

  2. Hi Amy! I am a Washington girl too! :) I agree with the "how do they do it?" with finding time for blogging! I am on that learning curve too! Nice to meet you on the blog hop! Great idea with the brain bubbles - so cute!