My July Currently and FLASH FREEBIE Info!!

Thanks Farley for the link up!! This is so exciting!

Want to know when my FLASH FREEBIE will be up tomorrow?! *secret and exciting NEW PRODUCT* freebie will available as a flash freebie from 2pm to 3pm CT tomorrow- July 3rd.
Now, you WILL have to come to my blog tomorrow at 2pm to get information and a link to it in my store! I will probably post a little reminder about this on Instagram tomorrow too:)

Before you leave, don't forget to enter in my book giveaway! Thank you for stopping by and I hope to "see" you enjoying that freebie tomorrow!

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  1. You just launched this yesterday?! Look how cute it is already! Good for you!! Looks like you're getting married soon! Congratulations! You have so many adventures to look forward to. :) I'm in Crowley... just South of FW. Nice to meet a neighbor! Have a great holiday!!

  2. : ] I am the ultimate multi-tasker as well!! Happy July!

    Smack Dab in the Middle

  3. I'm not a morning workout person, but I have the same problem during the school year to go work out after school. It's so exhausting!

    I hope that you do hop in the car and drive somewhere for the weekend! Random getaways are the BEST. Have a happy 4th either way!